Kelly Bee(non-registered)
I don't know why it took you a year to add these photos-they're incredible, colorful, tactile, superb, and just perfect photos. My favs are Rat Rod, Sherbert Chevy, and Blue Patina just to name a few. What an eye you have Mr. Behar.
Judi Bassett - jlazyj photography(non-registered)
Had the pleasure of taking David's landscape/scenic photography class in the fall of 2015. Great class and enjoyed learning more about photography.
Looking forward to future classes at Northland Pioneer College!!
Henrietta wilson(non-registered)
I like to see more of your work.
Anne J Gibson(non-registered)
So happy to see your work.. it's amazing.. Thanks for sharing this with us.. keep it up!
Milt Carlson(non-registered)
Wow, first entry.
Great work David, keep it up.
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