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About the Photographer:

After many years of work as a graphic artist, creating presentation graphics for business to 3D visual effects and animation for motion pictures, I found myself at a cross-roads. I needed a new direction. I still had this intense drive to make images, to create something visual. It's what I like to do.

After acquiring a pro-grade digital camera in April of 2012, I began making photographs in a serious manner after many years of just snapping family pictures. I also returned to 35mm film in January of 2013, and I continue to expand into medium format film and alternative printing processes. I now develop my own B&W film and make traditional darkroom prints.

My art education is in painting and drawing. I earned a B.A. in fine art from the University of California at Irvine in the mid 1970s; a program that was heavily influenced by the contemporary L.A. art scene of the time, which emphasized a minimalist approach to two dimensional and three dimensional art.

I find this minimalist influence seeping more and more into my scenic work as I seek out the road less traveled. Some photographs will be part of a thematic series with a running narrative, others will stand alone as singular moments.