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Ongoing - Guided Photo Tours through the Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert.  Planning on traveling to the American Southwest?  Check out the website of the Petrified Forest Museum Association/Field Institute.  Let us know when you plan on visiting and we can schedule a guided photography themed tour, half days and full days.  The tours are part vehicle (your own) and part foot travel.  Bring proper hiking gear, food and water, and of course, your favorite photo gear.

Weather is unpredictable so check with the folks at the Petrified Forest Museum Association/Field Institute for possible weather conditions and equipment requirements.  No matter what time of day, the Petrified Forest National Park will challenge your photographic creativity.  There is no place like it on earth.  Visit:  www.petrifiedforestfieldinstitute.org/

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Dear visitors,

I will be exhibiting a photograph at this upcoming show in Flagstaff, Arizona.  This is a fundraiser and proceeds from the sale will be going to the Coconino Center for the Arts.  I encourage you to attend.  The work on exhibit will be a rich and varied selection of art from all over the plateau region.  Visit:  http://flagartscouncil.org/  for more information.  I will be attending the Public Opening Reception on Saturday, Jan 14 at 6 - 8pm.

10×10 Exhibition & Art Sale
January 17 - February 11,  2017
Coconino Center for the Arts

May 28th through October 10th 2016 - I will be conducting a series of photography workshops at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, that will also take in some views of the famed Painted Desert.  Each workshop will feature an interesting little twist that will set them apart from the usual landscape photography experience.  These workshops are being offered through the Petrified Forest Field Institute.  There are three different workshops.  Use the link to navigate to the Petrified Forest Field Institute website for the schedules, fees, recommended photo gear and outdoor gear.  You can also send an e-mail to me or contact the Field Institute if you have any questions.  Please visit:   www.petrifiedforestfieldinstitute.org/

- Abstract Design:  Monochrome Photography in the Petrified Forest.

- Every Picture Tells A Story:  Photo-Journaling.

- Long Exposures, Short on Light:  The Painted Desert at Dusk.

June/August 2016 - Art 35 North, in partnership with the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Kickoff exhibition, 'A New Latitude'.

June 25th /26th 2016 - Driving/walking gallery and studio tour.  FMAC - Flagstaff Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery, Flagstaff, Arizona.

For more information, please visit:  www.art35n.org/

April 2016 - Instructor, Image Processing with Adobe Lightroom, Northland Pioneer College, White Mountain Campus,  Show Low, Arizona.

October 2015 - Instructor, Scenic Photography Course, Northland Pioneer College, White Mount Campus,  Show Low, Arizona.

October 2014 - Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association.  Fall Digital Competition 1st place.  Category - Architecture.